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As a world-leading manufacturer of sealed products, relying on excellent industrial technologies, Germany SOROTHURN possesses high-quality products in the sealing system field, which other companies of the same trade cannot compare to in the aspect of product depth and width. Since its inception, SOROTHURN has been adhering to the exquisite and ultimate innovation spirit of the European industry, and committed to the R&D of polymer material products with sealing technologies. SOROTHURN provides high-quality and special sealing solutions for the global high-end industrial fields, and customizes brand-new design schemes according to the specific conditions of customers. 

The Company has many years of experience in design and development, as well as advanced sealing elements processing equipment, and can provide customers with the following products and services: high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic sealing, rotary dynamic/static sealing, engineering plastic components, high-performance sealing materials, sealed products design test, on-site technical renovation, installation, and the most professional services in other aspects. At the same time, SOROTHURN’s advanced dieless processing equipment and unique & flexible production methods can provide customers with standard sealed products. In addition, SOROTHURN can customize non-standard sealed products and personalized sealing solutions according to different rigorous working conditions. The products have a diameter ranging between 5MM-4000MM, with arbitrary sizes, forms, quantity and materials including perfluoroether, PU, rubber, advanced engineering plastics, etc. 
Over the years, SOROTHURN brand seal has been widely used in various fields in the world: electricity, petroleum, petrochemicals, petroleum and natural gas technology, green energy technology, semiconductor and electronic machinery, heavy machinery, chemistry and processing technology, steel, papermaking, nuclear industry, automobile manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical equipment, etc. 
Integrity and quality is the fundamental driving force for an enterprise to obtain long-term development. Only by providing high-quality products and services can an enterprise stand the test of the market, win a good reputation and form the users’ loyalty to a brand. SOROTHURN combines technology and product innovation with top-level services, and devotes itself to meeting customers’ current needs from a forward-looking global perspective. Therefore, SOROTHURN forms good and reliable cooperative relations with customers, and effectively elevates customers’ production efficiency and profitability. 
SOROTHURN has been adhering to the business philosophy of complete sets of products -> solutions -> customer value-> social responsibility. SOROTHURN is not only a factory that manufactures products, but also a big family that enables us to get together. SOROTHURN has always been actively committed to creating the enterprise culture characterized by “behaving honestly, working diligently, and living happily”. Team, unity, cooperation, collocation, efficiency and laughter are not only contained in various wonderful activities such as outdoor activities and product training organized by SOROTHURN, but also reflected in the daily work and life of SOROTHURN personnel. 
Talent is the motive power for the development of an enterprise. SOROTHURN has been insisting on the principle of “cultivating, using and respecting talents”. Carrying out both internal training and targeted expatriate training, SOROTHURN sets up a platform for up-and-coming talents to achieve self-realization and to develop together with the Company.