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Disc spring
   Thermal expansion and contraction caused by pre-tightening force repeatedly change the high-temperature disc spring has a super compensation effect, compensation for thermal expansion and contraction caused by repeated pre-tightening, so that the preload to maintain stability, to prevent bolt fatigue and gasket failure The
Media pressure changes lead to pre-tightening changes High-temperature disc spring can compensate for changes in the dielectric pressure caused by changes in preload, to prevent bolts and gasket failure.
High temperature disc spring can effectively absorb mechanical vibration, to avoid the mechanical vibration caused by loose bolts to ensure that the seal lasting and reliable.
Anti-disc spring 2017-03-15
   The tooth surface safety disc spring washer solves the safety of the screw connection. Its unique performance is provided by the toothed surface. Smooth rounded tooth-like surface evenly pressed in the bolt connected to the contact surface, the safety of the connection, not to damage, as a connection with the loose use. The deformation of the disc spring maintains a certain pressure on the nut. The internal friction of the dentate surface provides an additional protective effect

   Mainly used in the reactor, heat exchangers, high temperature valves and high temperature pump flange bolts fastening, especially the temperature difference of more than 200 ℃ bolt connection. It has a superior compensation ability, so that the mechanical vibration caused by the harm to a minimum, so as to ensure that the bolt in the high temperature and low temperature is not loose, but also to protect the gasket, so that the sealing performance lasting and reliable.

Temperature range: -200 ℃ ~ 450 ℃
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