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Pad gasket
Modified PTFE plate by 100% pure tetrafluoroethane raw materials to add special materials, by molding or turning and other processes refined. In the known plastic, PTFE has the best corrosion resistance, no aging, low friction coefficient, wear resistance. In high and low temperature environment can be safe to use. Modified PTFE plate has better compressive strength, wear resistance, good heat conduction, low thermal expansion and other properties.
1, durable, reliable sealing performance;
2, has a good creep resistance and resistance to cold flow;
3, in a wide temperature range of long-term safe use;
4, clean, not because of shedding and contaminated by contact with the media;
5, soft and easy to cut, can be cut by mechanical or manual, easy to install.
1, due to resistance to a wide range of chemicals, especially for hydrocarbons, strong corrosion occasions;
2, can adapt to uneven, scratched surface; for chemical, power generation, paper, oil refining, machinery and other industrial occasions, the pipeline and equipment.
Technical Parameters

Metal spiral wound gasket by the V-shaped or W-shaped stainless steel and non-metallic filler superimposed, spiral winding, the end of the end of welding. Has a good compression resilience, suitable for temperature, pressure alternating intense sealing parts, is the pipeline, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange connection of the static sealing components. Widely used in petrochemical, machinery, electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy and aerospace and other departments.
     Gasket type:

Material: Selection of high quality natural high purity flake graphite by chemical and high temperature treatment, molded or rolled from, without any adhesive. With high resistance, low temperature, corrosion resistance, no aging, self-lubricating compressibility, resilience and other excellent sealing performance.

    Application: can be used as the production of graphite packing ring and a variety of gasket semi-finished products. Widely used in petrochemical, mining and other containers, boilers, pipes and pumps, valves and flanges.
    1, is the ideal material for flexible graphite gaskets, packing rings, is the basis for the manufacture of various graphite seals.
    2, ink sheet can be cut into various shapes of the gasket.
    3, in the harsh working conditions still have excellent sealing performance, long life, low maintenance costs.
    4, graphite as a new generation of asbestos products, more new applications are still constantly found.
    Service area:
    Temperature: -200 to 850 ° C in oxidizing medium -200 to 3500 ° C in non-oxidizing medium P H value: 0 - 14
    Applicable medium: steam, mineral oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, water, sea and so on.
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