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Turbine Seals
Spindle seal 2017-03-15
   The spindle seal is one of the key components of the turbine. SOROTHURN Solothurn has many years of experience in providing solutions for spindle seals and design retrofits for turbines. Thanks to the extensive experience in the development of polymer materials and advanced design and processing technology, SOROTHURN Solothurn has become a reliable sealing partner for the hydroelectric industry. SOROTHURN Solothurn spindle seal and material, effectively solve the spindle seal leakage, wear and other serious problems, can fully meet the unit's long life requirements of 35000h, SOROTHURN Solothurn spindle seal material has excellent wear resistance to aging , Water temperature rise, anti-sediment life long, very low coefficient of friction, water lubrication coefficient of 0.01-0.05, much lower than the rubber and other polymer materials, in the course of the use of no flaking and fracture.
   The blade seal is a key component in the pulping unit. China's pre-production of pulp group is the introduction of foreign technology in the 1960s into the rubber seal. In the type of seal due to material and structural defects in the runner not only exist outside the oil leakage there is still inward water and other issues, so that oil emulsification, rust parts, affecting the unit can not play a normal economic benefits from This choice of a reasonable high-performance slurry seal on the protection of power production is to play a vital role. SOROTHURN Solothurn has a long history of hydropower sealing technology and has a wealth of experience in hydropower sealing technology and a mature and innovative sealing solution. SOROTHURN Solothurn in Germany The earliest development of the two-way V-type combination of pulp seal due to the material has excellent anti-aging and wear resistance, the unique structure of the cross-section and the lip reasonable amount of interference, the water and electricity technology The experts' approval was quickly run by efficient applications in Germany, Austria, France, Brazil, Norway and other hydropower stations.
    Activity guide vane is an important part of the turbine, working in the pressure of water, the action is frequent and the working environment is extremely bad. SOROTHURN The cordows are made of abrasion, oil, water, solvent and anti-turbine oil, with very low coefficient of friction and good compressibility. SOROTHURN Solomon's high-quality sealing products and technology effectively prevent the pressure of water into the pad surface, so that the water flow of acid, alkali and sand will be the journal and sleeve corrosion or wear, thereby reducing the journal, life. SOROTHURN Solothurn has many years of providing turbine vane seal products and a full range of sealing solutions.
Valve seal 2017-03-15
    Valve seal is a new type of water inlet valve application, because of its special structure and installation location, can be a good hydropower generator for effective protection. SOROTHURN HSURT21 can be integrated in the trench in the groove, and a fixed ring, which can effectively fix the entire seal. Sealed with SOROTHURN-H material with high wear resistance, water resistance and welding performance, it can effectively solve the problem of valve sealing medium compatibility, service life and installation. The structure and material of the seal determines the effect of the seal
    The relay is a hydraulic device which is mechanically operated by the hydraulic transmission operating torque, the hydraulic control opening and closing valve in the hydraulic turbine, the movable water guide leaf, the blade of the slurry type turbine, the injection needle and the deflector of the impact turbine.
SOROTHURN Coupler Seal is a high-molecular compound SOROTHURNP-H synthetic material, which is a special seal for the hydropower industry, and is stable and reliable. SOROTHURN relay seal with high temperature, hydrolysis resistance, not deformation, anti-aging, wear resistance, with good service life. One of the high temperature hydrolysis is SOROTHURN relay seal unique physical properties.
The SOROTHURN coupler seal is widely used in the range of higher pressures through the special seal design and tolerance control of the mounting trenches.

    The impact turbine has the advantages of simple structure, high water head height, limited installation distance from the cavitation condition, large power station with large flow rate, etc. In the upper reaches of the river, the mountainous area is high and the traffic area is very common, China's water resources development of one of the main models. SOROTHURN offers high-quality, special sealing solutions for the global high-end industry and customizes new designs based on customer specific circumstances.
   The flange is connected to the valve and pipe of the turbine. SOROTHURN HSURT-08 This seal has a high-reliability seal with axial and radial bi-directional compensation. Its elastic inner lip can compensate for the corresponding eccentric, outer diameter wavy design for corrosion of the groove. Can be split in the form of delivery, on-site welding, installation. SOROTHURN provides reliable sealing products and guarantees the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Shorten the downtime of large equipment, reduce maintenance costs.
Brake seal 2017-03-15
    Although the brake is an auxiliary part of the operation of the hydropower unit, it plays an important role in ensuring the safe operation of the power station. The main components of the brake are brake shoe, brake shoe seat, driven piston, connecting rod, Spring pad, platen, ring key, bushing, brake piston, sealed O-ring. Where the O-ring is the key part of the brake, each overhaul must replace the new qualified seal. SOROTHURN (Solothurn) sealed product has its unique formula of high-performance synthetic rubber, he compared with the traditional rubber in addition to adapt to the traditional rubber to adapt to the conventional oil medium at the same time, especially more suitable for turbine oil and sediment Of the various water medium, in its medium has a strong stability.
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