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  Yunnan Solothurn Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in the morning of February 27, 2015 held a new year's corporate staff congress. Participants are all members of the sales department. The meeting was first headed by the company to plan the overall goal of the company in 2015. Followed by the company's personal work plan for 2015.
  New Year new weather, pay attention to quality, service, quality is Solomon Tuen absolutely indelible standard.
The company on February 10, 2015 carried out the company at the end of 2014 work summary and 2015 work plan arrangement. Participants have all my colleagues in the company. The main contents of the meeting are: first, the company's staff on the 2014 individual work summary; second, 2015 individual staff work plan.
Solothurn sealed system adhering to the "adhere to innovative research and development, enhance brand strength. To meet customer needs, improve technical services." Both the quality of the product and the quality of service are the basic requirements of Solothurn. The company in December 2014 passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification.

  Solothurn is located in Kunming, China, the company focused on China's high-end industrial seal field. Solothurn has many years of experience in the field of water and electricity sealing, fully understand and master the application of hydropower equipment sealing the principle and principles, and experienced by the development of the materials used in the hydropower industry SOROTHURN high-performance anti-aging oil material. Can provide customers with water turbine headquarters, valves, flange pipe connections and other parts of the application of high-quality sealing material.

     In 2014, one after another and Huaneng power business platform, Huadian Tendering and procurement network to win cooperation, and in January 2015 won the Huadian Corporation Tender and Procurement Network approved the "power plant level 1 +6 supplier membership certificate."

In order to better serve the Chinese market, Solothurn sealed system and I Division of the implementation of strategic cooperation, and in May 2013 in Kunming, Yunnan registered, set up the establishment of Yunnan Solothurn Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and listing business, SOROTHURN (Solothurn sealed) company's products in China's production, sales, service and brand promotion services.
  Marks the beginning of the dream of SOROTHURN (Solothurn seal) for the development of Chinese industry in this second largest economy to provide a comprehensive, high quality and efficient sealing product and seal the application of technical services.
  When Solothurn sealed Kunming office to upgrade to Yunnan Solothurn Machinery Technology Co., Ltd..

July 17 at 10 am, in Kunming, Yunnan headquarters, the company held a staff mobilization meeting. The main purpose of the conference is to learn the company's goal management system, so that employees clearly understand the company's goals, market positioning and future development prospects to improve staff enthusiasm.
  First of all, the company sales director and senior leadership informed the sales, the company, the progress of infrastructure projects on the big business. And then put forward the company's product advantages and the company's main customer base. Finally, the company's top leaders to share personal feelings, so that employees in their own career path clear direction and goals, to stimulate employees to grow together with the company mutually beneficial win-win confidence and determination.
  Whether we are often in the way of life confused I do not know the direction of hesitation can not move forward, whether the thoughts often complicated and chaotic? The company's mobilization of the General Assembly, so that employees clear their own goals, and enhance the determination of the staff forge ahead.

Weekend company leaders to organize middle-level cadres and some employees Chengjiang Fuxian Lake day tour!
Weekend company leaders to organize middle-level cadres and some employees Chengjiang Fuxian Lake day tour!
At 10:00 AM of Jul. 12, the new employee orientation training kicked off in the HQ of Kunming, Yunnan. 
The conference mainly introduced the method and purpose of the training. As the meeting began, every new employee was neatly dressed, vigorous, high-spirited and bright-eyed, and carefully listened to the arrangement made at the conference. 
The main purpose of the training is for allowing new employees to adapt to the working environment and to be clear about their development direction. Next, the Company will carry out a month of training. The main training content is enabling new employees to participate in internship in the form of work shift so as to have an understanding of the basic operation mode and business pattern of the Company, have an in-depth understanding of the ideology and culture of the Company and enhance their teamwork awareness. At last, the Company will determine the posts of new employees according to their individual performance to allow each new employee to give play to his or her strong points. It is more beneficial for the development and expansion of new employees and the Company. 
At this conference, the senior leaders of the Company all generously shared their personal life experiences and viewpoints, opening up an ideologically bright road in the aspect of career for new employees. 
We believe after a month of training, new employees will have a clearer objective, concentrate more on work and have stronger teamwork awareness. 
We are looking forward to the growth of new employees!
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